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Go Beyond the Surface: August 2014

Kitchen Renovation, Custom Built Racks and Restaurant Design Project Profile: Eco-Friendly Kitchen Reno by SunHouse Designs and Harold Koehn Construction Recently completed: a supply and install of two surfaces for a fresh, charming and eco-friendly kitchen renovation. The compact kitchen…

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Go Beyond the Surface: July 2014

Designing with Chemical Free Surfaces Project Profile: R-2000-Certified Home in Aldergrove by Clay Construction Inc. "We spend over 90 percent of our lives indoors. Buildings either can be the cause of illness or consciously designed and built in ways that…

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Marmoleum® Floors

Marmoleum® is one of our biggest sellers for both residential and commercial floors. Interior designers love Marmoleum because of its design flexibility. Customers love it because of its durability and low maintenance. And we love it because it’s eco-friendly. What…

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