Phthalate Free Vinyl Floors

Harbinger™ is a BC-based company that manufactures high-quality and eco-friendly vinyl floors. They've recently launched a number of different collections that includes a range of different thicknesses, lengths, colours and textures. Samples for all of the products are available at our showroom. In…

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Straight off the Sheep’s Back: Nature’s Carpet

When looking for a healthy flooring material, many people often automatically disregard carpet. And considering its toxic history, that’s no surprise. The good news is that there are safe and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional synthetic carpets. One of those great…

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Marmoleum® Floors

Marmoleum® is one of our biggest sellers for both residential and commercial floors. Interior designers love Marmoleum because of its design flexibility. Customers love it because of its durability and low maintenance. And we love it because it’s eco-friendly. What…

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