Indoor Air Quality

Go Beyond the Surface: May 2013

Beautiful and Breathable Revere Residential Sam Millington and Sue Womersley at Revere Residential are the perfect example of builders who want beautiful and breathable surfaces for their projects. We're happy to be Revere's go-to flooring showroom for their wonderful clients.…

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Marmoleum® Floors

Marmoleum® is one of our biggest sellers for both residential and commercial floors. Interior designers love Marmoleum because of its design flexibility. Customers love it because of its durability and low maintenance. And we love it because it’s eco-friendly. What…

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EuroCork Cork Floors

Cork floors are noticeably different. As soon as you step foot on them, you instantly feel the difference – cork floors cushion your feet creating a comfortable walking experience. But it’s for reasons that are not-so-noticeable that we chose EuroCork…

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