Eco-Friendly Vinyl Flooring For Your Home

    When some people think of “fighting global warming” or becoming completely “eco-friendly”, they can become a little overwhelmed, perhaps pushing the thoughts aside as they don’t know really know how or where to start.   Being cognizant of…

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Nature Inspired Pastel Hardwood Floors

We're excited to introduce our new pastel coloured, eco-friendly hardwood flooring at The Eco Floor Store. The Idyllic Spirit Collection by Karelia Hardwood Floors is inspired by nature - fruit, flowers and herbs - and offers six beautiful colours: pink…

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A ‘SMART’ Decision

Staying true to our eco roots, we made a new purchase over here at The Eco Floor Store. A very SMART decision if I do say so myself. We don't just sell eco-friendly flooring here at the store, we are…

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