Eco-Friendly Floors

Go Beyond the Surface: January 2016

New Year, New Inspiration New Year, New Floor, New Walls Design Showroom Makeover! We love change! If you're a regular at our design showroom, you've probably noticed. And with the start of a new year, we just couldn't resist updating…

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Home Renovation in Langley

One of the most common upgrades made during a home renovation is replacing the existing floors. But while it may be the most common renovation, it certainly isn't an easy one. Selecting the right material, the perfect colour and then the best…

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Introducing Wine & Fruits Laminate Floors

We've been on a small binge lately... First, we introduced our new Bourbon Barrel Wood Floors, next our new Whiskey Barrel Wall Tiles, and now we're introducing our new Wine & Fruits Laminate Collection. Someone bring us a glass of…

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