Cork Recycling

Cork Recycling

Bring us your used cork!

The Eco Floor Store participates in a cork recycling program coordinated by Cork Forest. Founded in 2008, Cork ReHarvest collects and recycles natural cork in Canada and the United States. In only a few years, they have recycled over 13 billions corks! In addition to recycling corks, they provide educational programs about cork forests and promote the use of corks.

Did you know: In comparison to a natural cork, 24 times more greenhouse gasses are released and over and 10 times more energy is used when making one screw cap. Plastic closures are made from petro-chemicals, are not biodegradable and are rarely recycled. They are not sourced from a sustainable product and produce 10 times more greenhouse gasses than natural cork to produce.

Make a different today: collect your corks then drop them off at The Eco Floor Store in Surrey.

Learn more about Cork ReHarvest.