urbanCONCRETE Fireplace

Private Residence

Surrey, BC

Hourwall – Faux Concrete

It’s not often we get to work with a home owner that can produce an architectural drawing to scale for us to work from, but when it happens we can make their concept into reality. We turned a line drawing from the home owner into a jaw dropping focal piece for his living room. Working with our urban concrete line from hourwall, the homeowner chose this light colored textured concrete as the main attraction. Our job was to piece the material together in a way that it looked like it was formed right on site with real concrete cast in place. I think we nailed it if I do say so myself. This was a labor of love over the course of 9 hours onsite. We cut the material to wrap the corners and fit in the returns making the overall appearance that of a large slab of concrete. We even took our talent to the lower wall below the bench / hearth where we created a top cap on the outside edge, to make everything look seamless. If you look closely to the right of the fireplace you’ll see our black flexible slate that actually covers a door. Hidden behind, are all of the audio components to the TV. We worked hard on this one and the client was over the top excited about the end result. Truth be told, we were too! Hourwall concrete panels are cast from real concrete giving the panels a realistic texture for effect, but actually filled with structural grade foam. This makes the panels super lightweight and installation is as easy as a bit of adhesive and nails.