Engineered Hardwood – Private Residence

Private Residence

Langley, BC

American Guild Engineered Hardwood

The Eco Floor Store supplied eco-friendly flooring and custom made full stair treads with a wrap-around nosing on the open side of the staircase.

We used the flooring itself to create these custom stair treads creating a seamless and very custom tailored finished product.
American Guild engineered wood flooring is FSC, LEED, CARB and Lacey Act compliant and comes in a nice wide plank with a variety of finishes available. On this project, the clients chose a distressed maple called Frontier Trail.

A very custom detail you’ll notice is that we manufactured a very long nosing that doubles as the railing base plate on the upper floor, so the spindles of the railing are neatly secured into our nosing, creating a flush waterfall effect. These are some of the finishes we’re able to pull off using our material.