Water Lilies

Water Lilies Wallpaper

This wallpaper is made from water lilies. Also known as water hyacinths, these plants are free-floating perennial aquatic plants that are naturally abundant in the Philippines.

The wallpaper is composed of paper backing, water-based adhesives and coatings. It is scrollable for ease in handling and installation. Available in three colours: white, raw umber and charcoal. They are lightweight and beautiful, making a bold impression to any wall surface.

 Nature Flex Wall Coverings Nature Flex Wall Coverings Nature Flex Wall Coverings

Water Lilies Tiles

Looking for a subtle wall covering for your space? Look no further!

These wall tiles are made from Water Hyacinths, also known as water lilies, from the Philippines. The tiles are approximately 12″ x 24″, 3 mm or 9 mm thick and available in four warm tones (cocoa, olive green, raw umber and white wash). The backing is made from a mixture of cement, sand and recycled wood fibers.

Water Lilies Tiles  Water Lilies Tiles Water Lilies Tiles Water Lilies Tiles

Environmentally Friendly

+ Water hyacinths can help improve indoor air quality by eliminating toxins such as cyanide, arsenic, cobalt, cadmium, lead & mercury.

+ The Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines approves harvesting of water hyacinths to eliminate river and lake fogging.

+ The product is also produced in thin flexible sheets, cutting down the carbon footprint by reducing freight and transportation costs.