Bourbon Barrel Wood

Bourbon Barrel Wood

We absolutely adore this new eco-friendly wall surface!

Made from recycled bourbon barrels, also known as casks, this solid hardwood is like no other. Once the barrels are done aging, the white oak barrels are transformed into planks that retain the unique distillery markings from the barrels. The bourbon barrel wood planks can be installed as flooring or as a wall covering.

  • Solid white oak hardwood
  • Unfinished with distillery markings
  • Square edges
  • 1-1/2″, 2″ or 2-1/2″ wide by random (8-30″) lengths
  • 3/8″ thick

The bourbon barrel wood eco-friendly wall surface is available in five distinct collections:

Black & Tannin: This collection features the blackened charred pieces from inside the barrel. It can be installed unfinished or sanded for a lighter colour or antique look. The reverse side of the planks are bare wood, which offers the option to install with a mix of black and light tones.

Vintage Reserve: This smokey collection uses older barrels and has a darker (aged) patina. Limited quantities are available.

Cooperage Select: Our favourite collection features the planks that have the iron stains from the metal bands used to hold the barrels together. The planks have some distillery markings.

Distillery Reserve: The fourth collection is crafted from the heads of the barrels. The boards are shorter in lengths and often covered with stamps, markings, charring and hand-written markings from the distillery.

Blended: The final collection is a careful mix of the Black & Tannin, Cooperage Select and Distillery Reserve. It’s a bold collection that has the most character.

Whether you’re designing a man cave, restaurant or simply looking for a hardwood floor that has loads of character, then we highly recommend you visit our showroom or contact us for samples.