Underlay is an important component of your floor. Whether you are looking for extra comfort, sound reduction or vapour barrier, we have an underlay that is right for your new floor. Some of our products include:

Cork Underlay

Acoustical Underlay
Vapor Barrier Attached Underlay
Radiant Heat Approved Underlay

Low VOC Glues

The adhesives used in the installation of new floors often contain toxic chemicals. We recommend using low VOC glue like Titebond for your flooring or Weldbond for general projects. You’ll find them both in our showroom.

Cleaning Materials

Our design showroom features cleaning and maintenance products for every floor we carry, from maintenance oils to plant based cleaning products.

Wood Repair Sticks

We now have Tibet Almond Sticks! Use these to instantly remove scratches from wood floors and wood furniture. Visit for more info.

Go beyond the surface and transform your space inside and out.