Lunch & Learns

Invite us to your office and we’ll happily bring lunch!

Our team hosts a variety of Lunch & Learns for interior designers, architects and builders from Whistler to Hope. We will come to your offices, unless you prefer to come to our showroom, and discuss some of the top trends in surfaces and showcase a few of our best selling eco-friendly products. We can also tailor our presentation to your interests, for example:

 All About LEED™

Is your team working on a LEED project? We can focus on specific products that will help you achieve LEED certification.


In-Depth Product Focus

Do you want to learn more about a specific product? We can showcase individual brands, materials or product categories to help your team become product experts.


Wall to Wall

Are you looking for an overview of the newest trends in eco-friendly surfaces? Our wall to wall Lunch & Learn will touch on all of our surface solutions, from flooring, countertops to wall coverings.


The Espresso

Not really interested in spending an entire lunch hour with our team? No problem! We can bring coffee and treats and give a quick 15-minute presentation on a topic of your choice.


For more information or to schedule a Lunch & Learn, please contact us.

Go beyond the surface and transform your space inside and out.