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Marmoleum- All the Benefits of Linoleum with the Environment in Mind!

The eco-friendly building material market seems to be growing every day; which we absolutely love! As consumers continue to demand more eco-friendly products, businesses are finding ways to emulate popular offerings that are traditionally not recyclable or “green”.

One of our favourite products that fills a void in the market is known as marmoleum. We recently took on a project with the Holy Family Parish Church in Vancouver and we can’t say enough about this eco-friendly flooring! Read on to discover if marmoleum is the right choice for your next project!

An example of marmoleum flooring in a church setting

What Exactly is Marmoleum?

Marmoleum is an extremely durable style of flooring that is manufactured with a 100% mix of pre-consumer recycled content! Some of the common recycled components include wood flour and tall oil. Marmoleum can also include rapidly renewable materials like pine rosin, jute and linseed oil. Essentially, this type of flooring is only composed of components that you can feel good about using as an eco-conscious consumer.

Marmoleum is available in a wide range of colours, ranging from the bright solid hues we laid at the Holy Family Parish, to modern, marble-style designs displayed at this Eco Floor Store residential project in Langley.

An example of eco friendly flooring in a residence

If you are interested in a flooring option that is created from 100% bio-based content, is SMaRT certified AND qualifies for LEED credits, a sheet, tile or plank of marmoleum could be just the solution you are looking for.


What’s the Difference Between Marmoleum and Traditional Linoleum or Vinyl Flooring

The most important difference between Marmoleum and traditional vinyl flooring options is the impact on the environment and your health. The linoleum you may have come across in your Grandparent’s home was likely manufactured with inorganic materials that create dangerous VOCs and other toxic chemicals. Marmoleum has absolutely no adverse health effects for end users and does not negatively impact the environment during production or disposable. It is a truly sustainable building material- these are the products that make our team jump up and down with joy!


The components involved in creating ecofriendly flooring


The Benefits of Marmoleum


  • Emits no VOC or toxic elements
  • Comfortable and warm to walk on with bare feet
  • Natural bacterial properties prevent micro-organisms from multiplying
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Does not create foul odours
  • Asthma and allergy friendly


A woman cleaning her eco-friendly flooring at home


When customers visit our showroom in Surrey, we have no problem giving a long list of insights into the benefits of marmoleum. This eco-friendly flooring can do no wrong! We try not to pick favourites but we really do love recommending this building material.


Interested in learning more about marmoleum or want to touch and feel some of the product for yourself?

You can contact our team at any time at 604.576.4400, or visit our showroom at #203 – 5511 192nd Street- Surrey, BC