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Eco-Friendly Vinyl Flooring For Your Home



When some people think of “fighting global warming” or becoming completely “eco-friendly”, they can become a little overwhelmed, perhaps pushing the thoughts aside as they don’t know really know how or where to start.


Being cognizant of the environment and the planet that we live on does not have to be a drastic, life altering change that turns your way of living upside down. There are small steps that each of us can make that really do add up to create a significant difference for the future health of our world. For example, your home does not have to be 100% recyclable and eco-friendly overnight- as a homeowner or business owner you can seek out eco-friendly building materials the next time you are renovating or building, transforming your living space piece by piece.

A father and son planting trees in British Columbia to help protect the environment


If you are planning on revamping the flooring in a certain area of your home or office this year, you can help the planet and start on your eco-friendly journey by considering an option that helps insteads of hinders.


A Wonderful Eco-friendly Flooring Option: Eco Vinyl

Did you know that there are certain manufacturers that produce eco-friendly vinyl flooring? Vinyl has been an attractive flooring option for many years but unfortunately the vinyl industry has had a track record of being harmful for the environment. Why? Traditional vinyl products contain PVC, which is polyvinyl chloride, or #3 plastic. What is so bad about PVC? Polyvinyl chloride is made with highly toxic ingredients which easily leech into the surrounding environment when it is being produced, used or disposed of. These toxic chemicals can have detrimental effects on human, plant and animal life.

Luckily, in the modern era of green manufacturing, there are a select few companies who are now producing amazing building materials with the environment in mind. The Eco Floor Store has partnered with suppliers that have found ways to make a wide range of products that are eco-friendly and free of toxic chemicals, including vinyl!


The Benefits of Our Eco-Friendly Vinyl

If you are considering installing vinyl in your home or business, you will want to keep the benefits of our eco-friendly vinyl options in mind. Eco-friendly vinyl can be:


  • 100% recyclable 
  • Non-allergenic
  • VOC or PVC free
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial 
  • Constructed with up to 100% recycled materials
  • Floor Score certified

Need to brush up on the finer details of FloorScore? CLICK HERE to learn about indoor air quality certification for flooring.


Hands holding dirt and a plant overtop of eco-friendly vinyl flooring


Eco-friendly vinyl is absolutely the material of choice if you are looking for a flooring solution that is durable, easy to maintain and easy on Mother Nature. Due to the physical fortitude of eco-friendly vinyl, you can lay down sheets of this flooring in high traffic areas of your home, office or business centre. It even works great in public spaces such as airports and gyms! In fact, The Eco Floor Store recently supplied and installed eco-friendly vinyl flooring for a 11,000 square foot project at the Fly Over Canada venue in Vancouver.


Project Skin MD Works with The Eco Floor Store


Project Skin MD is Vancouver’s complete centre for state-of-the-art laser medicine, dermatology and skincare products. The Eco Floor Store team supplied and installed eco-friendly vinyl tavern board throughout their location in South Granville. The Harbinger vinyl planks our team utilized brought elegance and depth to the space- the tavern tobacco colour complimented Project Skin’s branding perfectly! The Project Skin Team was excited about their new flooring because the eco-friendly vinyl we installed is incredibly hygienic, easy to clean and durable; a great match for a skin-health centre.

A eco-friendly vinyl floor installed at a business in Vancouver

We also installed 500 square feet of Finium FriendlyWall for Project Skin, which is completely constructed in Canada, made from solid walnut and both FCS-certified and VOC free. To go with the Finium wall, we finished the job with custom walnut millwork around all the lighting and HVAC ducts creating a stunning, seamless finished product. 

A solid walnut ceiling made from eco friendly building products


We highly recommend you stop into one of Project Skin’s locations and say hi to their team- and if you are looking for a little trusted insight into their services, check out Jillian Harris’s “before and after” pictures from a Belkyra treatment! 


Make Your Next Floor an Eco Floor Store Vinyl Floor  

Whether you are looking to protect your family, employees or customers, eco-friendly flooring such as Harbinger’s vinyl planks keep the air cleaner, free of allergens and VOC’s! You could even help the environment and save money with certain products that fall under the LEED program. Unfamiliar with LEED? Learn about the program HERE and become a leader in the future of green buildings.   



Call our team at 604-576-4400 or visit us in person at our showroom in Surrey, BC to learn more about eco-friendly vinyl flooring that will create a stunning living space look, while also protecting the health of our Earth and your occupants!