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Reclaimed Wood Wall Project in Kelowna BC with Mamas for Mamas


Recently the Eco Floor Store Team headed East to visit some friends in Kelowna, BC. The organization, Mamas for Mamas, was in need of some assistance during their renovations, so we jumped on the opportunity to help such an amazing group of people and hit the road with a truck full of eco-friendly supplies.


What is Mamas for Mamas?

Mamas for Mamas is a non-profit organization that lends a hand to mothers in crisis and also gives ongoing support to low income mothers and their children. They provide mothers with many vital aspects of life including housing, mental support, and social support services. Mamas for Mamas was founded in Kelowna in 2014 and now has 22 chapters across Canada, all of which are 100% volunteer run. The Eco Floor Store is always looking to support great causes and Mamas for Mamas is a fantastic  organization that we knew deserved our time.


Mamas for Mamas and Jillian Harris

The Eco Floor Store team in Jillian Harris's home in Kelowna

Jillian Harris is the host of “Love it or List it Vancouver” (Canada) and also is an international spokesperson and interior designer. The Eco Floor Store has been involved in multiple collaborations with Jillian Harris and we have loved every second of it. From the PNE Prize home, to production projects for the show Love it or List it, we have had a blast working with Jillian and she has always been a great supporter of eco-friendly building materials.  

Jillian also happens to be the celebrity ambassador for Mamas and Mamas, so it was a perfect opportunity to support one of her causes and also visit with her while in Kelowna! At Mamas for Mamas we hung out with her husband, Justin Pasutto, and helped him with some of the building materials for the new kitchen that was being installed. After our time at Mamas for Mamas, we popped over to Jillian’s house to catch up with her and check out the holiday decorations she had just put up for a winter photoshoot.


The Project at Mamas for Mamas

The Eco Floor Store team infront of a reclaimed barn wood eco friendly wall feature


When we arrived at Mamas for Mamas, a lot of amazing renovations and designs had already been incorporated. Everyone that had been involved donated their time, materials and labour, but we couldn’t let them have all the fun! We dove in head first and got to work on an eco-friendly wall feature for their office.

Five hours later, we had a reclaimed barn wood wall feature fully installed and were really happy with the final product. Our friends, Sticks and Stones Design, who we have collaborated with before, were also involved in the design for Mamas for Mamas new space and we were really impressed with their work! One of our favourite stylists, Katie Nesbitt, was on site and we had a lot of fun catching up with her. In the end, our wall feature fit right in with Sticks and Stones design work- another successful collaboration between our teams that certainly won’t be the last!

Material Specifics ->

Reclaimed Barn Wood– This reclaimed wood is sourced from old Canadian barns and picked, handled and painted by hand. Our reclaimed barn wood goes through intense quality controls and can be painted to your liking. It is sold out of our boutique showroom and warehouse location in Surrey, BC, but can be shipped anywhere around the globe.

An old Canadian barn that will be used for eco friendly reclaimed wood

Here is the actual barn that we sourced the wood from for Mama’s for Mama’s wall feature!


The Eco Floor Store and The Community


Of course we care deeply about the environment but all of the communities that surround us are also close to our hearts. We believe that every piece of eco-friendly material that is used in a home or an office space makes the world a better place. We also believe that every hour spent supporting and contributing to an organization such as Mamas for Mamas brings us closer to a world without pain and suffering.

Whether it is through volunteering, or participating in a program such as Bullfrog Power, The Eco Floor Store will do everything that it can to improve the environment and the social conditions of the world that we live in.

You can read Jillian Harris’ blog about the full project on her blog.

reclaimed wood from an old Canadian barn


Interested to learn more about what we do or how you can integrate eco-friendly products into your home? Come visit our team at our store in Surrey, or send us a quick email. Together we can make a difference!