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Reclaimed Wood Walls – Eco Friendly and Chic

There is no building material that is as timeless as natural wood. Humans have been utilizing wood for thousands of years to construct their homes and decorate its interior. The best part? Utilizing wood in and around your home is eco-friendly! The Eco Floor Store is committed to transforming living spaces into beautiful works of art with the help of Mother Nature, and reclaimed wood is one of the best ways to do that.

The Eco Floor Store Reclaimed Wood Flooring Wall Coverings Panels

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood, or reclaimed lumber, is wood that has been “harvested” from old buildings, such as barns and historic homes. Wood from these structures is weathered and worn, full of character, almost telling its own story to all those that come across it. Using wood from old structures is a fantastic way to recycle building materials but also a great opportunity to recycle stories from times past. 

Reclaimed wood should not be mistaken for salvaged wood, which is natural pieces of wood that have been harvested from a natural setting and stored for several years to dry out. Salvaged wood has not been used previously in any form of construction and is often shaped oddly, just as it was grown. Salvaged wood can be employed for abstract decor and make-shift tables. Both reclaimed wood and salvaged wood add a rustic appeal to any household or business space with the added bonus of having low environmental impacts.

Changing the Design Mindset

Our team truly believes that cutting edge, beautiful designs don’t have to come with a high environmental price tag. We can take a lesson from nature and learn that some of the most powerful resources come from re-using something that has already be utilized. When a tree dies in the forest, moss, mushrooms and insects use it as fuel and call it home. When a salmon dies after swimming upstream, a bear gains energy from the scaly snack and when that bear has processed the salmon, those nutrients go back into the soil, contributing to a never-ending cycle. As builders, designers, and homeowners, we need to keep our planet close to our hearts and learn from the potential of recycling materials that can be observed all around us. Using reclaimed wood for flooring or wall panels is an excellent way to start.


The Eco Floor Store and Wood

When it comes to stunning design and environmentally friendliness, The Eco Floor Store has recognized that wood is a powerful building tool for many years. We utilize reclaimed wood to create amazing wall designs with the

 help of old barn wood and retired fishing boat wood that has been shaped into tiles.

Reclaimed wood is also used in our flooring solutions and we are proud to carry options that are constructed from trees that has been sustainably harvested from our own backyard here in British Columbia. Engineered hardwood can also be made to re-create the look of reclaimed wood and still be manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. All of our engineered products are made without harmful chemicals and are FSC certified.

If You Can’t Wait, Create!

Sometimes it can be difficult to get your hands on reclaimed wood, especially as demand levels increase. Luckily there is a way to achieve the look of reclaimed wood using a few common tools and substances you likely have laying around your home. This technique is also known as antiquing and only requires some teabags, steel wool and vinegar!

The Eco Floor Store team put together a full tutorial article on how to achieve the “reclaimed” look using these simple household items which you can view HERE. Designing and building in an eco-friendly manner doesn’t have to be complicated! Oftentimes, the more simple of a solution you can find, the more the planet benefits.

Are you interested in transforming your home with the power of reclaimed wood products? Partner with a company that cares about the environment just as much as you do!


Send us an email, call, or visit our showroom in Surrey, BC to see some of our work in action!