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It’s Time to Float!

Salt Wellness Centre in Surrey, BCWe recently visited Salt Wellness Centre in Surrey and had to share our experience. They are a relaxing wellness centre that offers two types of unique therapies: salt therapy and float therapy.

Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, is a alternative treatment for many respiratory and skin conditions. With the use of pharmaceutical grade salt, a medical device safely releases microscopic particles into the room. The salt particles are then breathed deep into the patients lungs, helping to clean the entire respiratory tract.

Float therapy is just that: floating! It can help with a number of physical and emotional ailments by helping patients to achieve deep relaxation. Float therapy can help athletes boasts their performance, those suffering chronic pain and anyone who could use a little less stress.

In the coming months, we will be supplying and installing a new feature wall for the wellness centre. Stay tuned to find what surface owner Angie will pick.

Make sure to check them out online to learn more about their beneficial therapies!

Salt Wellness Centre in Surrey, BC