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Bourbon Barrels at London Bull in Langley

London Bull LogoWhen the in-house interior design team for Browns Restaurant Group called us looking for a specific item for one of their restaurant brands, we jumped at the opportunity!

London Bull® is a new full-service, saloon style restaurant and traditional pub in Langley near Colossus. This past weekend was their grand opening and it was a packed house! The new restaurant delivers a vibrant atmosphere with a wide selection of drinks and tasty eats.

The team’s vision was to create a lifestyle brand where people can come drink, eat and enjoy a fun, lively environment. And one of the many details to help create the perfect environment was the need for real bourbon barrels. We’re happy to report we found two with loads of history!

London Bull Langley BC

The two bourbon barrels were used to make – you guessed it! – bourbon for several decades. They were then sent to Mexico for the distilling of tequila before being sent back to the US for their retirement. Who knew they’d end up in one of the trendiest’s spots in Langley, BC, Canada? 😉

Bourbon Barrels, London Bull, Langley, BC

We love a challenge! If you’re looking for that perfect surface or decorative item for your upcoming design project, give us a shout. We may just be able to add a little history to your space.