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Wool Carpets Shine at TELUS Garden

TELUS Garden is one of the City of Vancouver’s most anticipated developments.

Standing tall as Vancouver’s second highest condominium tower, the $750-million, one-million-square-foot development comprises a 24-floor office tower and a 53-floor residential tower. TELUS Garden is designed and built to achieve LEED Platinum certification based on the revised 2009 standards, a first in North America. The development features many energy saving and sustainable building technologies and materials, including a sophisticated heat recycling system, over 100 rooftop solar panels, solar shades, low-flow hot water fixtures, energy-efficient LED lighting and advanced lighting controls, and in-slab radiant heating and cooling. It is estimated the technologies will result in an 80 percent reduction in energy demand.

Now THAT’S energy efficient!

TELUS Garden Vancouver

Beyond the building technologies, TELUS Garden also made sure to use eco-friendly materials inside the residential tower. And that’s where we come in! Over the course of nearly four years, The Eco Floor Store worked closely with the award-winning designers from The Design Agency to help them specify the right flooring material.

“Capitalizing on the Telus brand and the design of the building, the interiors have clean lines and a very modern feel with a “natural” material palette. Materials and surfaces articulate to create depth and pattern. Nature is an overriding theme for the design where the context of the surrounding city is re-interpreted into built form.” – The Design Agency

After many different samples, The Design Agency selected two custom colours of wool carpets, both made with 100% New Zealand wool with an all natural jute backing. We worked with Colin Campbell to develop custom designed high-quality, LEED™ compliant and all-natural wool carpets. The Eco Floor Store will be supplying the wool carpet for the 428 suites for a total of 106,132.5 square feet of flooring. That’s approximately 2.5 kilometers of carpet – WOW!

Wool Carpets

Wool Carpets