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Charred Wood Siding for “Force of Nature” Dining Experience by BYU Design

The Monogram® Dinner by Design is the fabulous launch of Vancouver’s much anticipated interior design week (Sept 21-28, 2014). The two day kick-off brings together international and local interior designers to create three-dimensional dining experiences that “awe, inspire and delight”.

Bob’s Your Uncle Design, one of the eighteen design firms selected to take part in Dinner by Design, is creating a dining experience that will showcase the intimate creation and powerful destruction of Mother Nature. Entitled “Force of Nature”, the dining space will use contrasting materials to visually tell the captivating story of our environment’s life cycle.

We’re proud to have supplied one of the key surfaces for the space: shou-sugi-ban, or charred, wood siding. Shou-sugi-ban is a Japanese art tradition of burning wood prior to using it as siding. Thousands of years ago, the Japanese discovered that burned wood is much more resistant to rot, insects and fire.



The charred wood can be used as fencing material, exterior siding or interior wall decoration. It’s available in a number of different styles and colours (or scorching degrees); every piece carefully hand charred to create a unique wall surface.

We can’t wait to see Bob’s Your Uncle Design’s nature-inspired dining experience at Dinner by Design!

+ For more information or to purchase tickets to Dinner by Design, click here