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Custom Clothing Racks & Shelving for Retail Mechandising

Visual merchandising is an art form. There are so many factors, including product, location, lighting, positioning, spacing and displays, that need to be in harmony to successfully “attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase”. It takes talent and years of experience to do it right.

The team at McBurney Junction Furniture & Interiors in Langley, BC have both. The space they’ve created is beautiful, so much so it’s easy to stay a lot longer (and probably spend a little more!) than anticipated. And every minute and penny is worth it!

One of the keys to successful visual merchandising is to have the right displays to showcase the product. McBurney was looking for new merchandising displays to match their store’s overall branding.

The Eco Floor Store built four pieces for McBurney: two clothing racks, one wall shelf and one floor shelving unit. Designed by Deborah Mansell Designs, we used a combination of materials, including old wooden shelves McBurney wasn’t using (originally from South Africa!), tea stained pine, steel piping and matching couplings for the new displays. Aside from the wall shelf, all units are on wheels to easily move them.

The inspiration for the clothing racks came from this image found online:


The finished clothing racks:

McBurney-Junction-Shelving-Displays McBurney-Junction-Shelving-Displays

The inspiration for the large floor shelving unit (90″ wide x 39″ tall):


The finished custom made shelving unit:


+ To read about the step-by-step process of building this shelving unit, click here.

And here are the new clothing racks and shelving unit at McBurney Junction in Langley, BC:


McBurney-Junction-Shelving-Displays (4) web

McBurney-Junction-Shelving-Displays (6) web


Thank you to McBurney for asking us to help with your new displays!