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Project Profile: R-2000-Certified Home in Aldergrove

“We spend over 90 percent of our lives indoors. Buildings either can be the cause of illness or consciously designed and built in ways that contribute to better health.”Source

Many of our clients come to our showroom for this very reason: to choose surfaces – floors, wall surfaces, and countertops – that are safe. Our clients are making a conscious decision to build with safe building materials; safe to touch, safe to breathe and safe for our environment.

Many people assume that if a building product is sold in Canada that it must be safe to use in the construction of our homes and buildings. Unfortunately, that’s not the case; in fact, most building materials contain high levels of toxic chemicals. That makes building a home that has an excellent indoor air quality a difficult challenge.

The good news is that it is possible – and one of our client proved it!

As a result of suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities, a homeowner in Aldergrove took on the challenge to design and build a home that would be her and her family’s safe haven. Built by Langley-based and Georgie® Award winning home builder Clay Construction Inc., the new ranch style home is so safe that it has achieved R-2000 certification.

R-2000 Standard

The R-2000 Standard was developed by Natural Resources Canada. R-2000-certified new homes are best-in-class energy-efficient homes that include high levels of insulation, clean air features and measures to help protect the environment. + Learn more

R-2000-Certified Private Residence in Aldergrove

Our client in Aldergrove made sure to research every single component of her new home to ensure it would contribute to better health. When it came time to select her floors, she came to our showroom in Surrey to view the largest selection of chemical-free floors in BC. The Eco Floor Store supplied and installed two types of eco-friendly flooring for the new home: Coswick Solid Hardwood Floors and Marmoleum®.


Coswick Solid Hardwood Floors

In the living areas, study and bedrooms, we installed hardwood flooring by Coswick Solid Hardwood Floors. Made in Finland with solid white oak, the hardwood floors are  wire brushed and silk oil finished 3 1/4″ wide planks in “Natural”.

The unique Silk UV Oil finish not only highlights the natural richness and deep grain of the white oak, but it also protects the floors by crystallizing the wood’s fibers. It has a silky-matte surface gloss finish that is resistant to moisture and fluctuations in temperature.

Private-Residence-Aldergrove-BC-Eco-Floor-Store (3)

Marmoleum® by Forbo Flooring Systems

We installed the Marmoleum® floors (“Vivace in Granada #3405”) in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and hallways. Marmoleum  is made with 100% recycled content. Considered one of two of the most sustainable floor coverings according to the Life Cycle Assessment, Marmoleum is also allergen-free and bacteria resistant.


+ Learn more about Marmoleum

Custom Installation

The Eco Floor Store installed all of the flooring throughout the home. Some noteworthy custom installation details include:

No Transitions
The entire home is transition free for wheel chair accessibility. All of the flooring – from hardwood to Marmoleum – was scribed tight to each surface.

Private-Residence-Aldergrove-BC-Eco-Floor-Store Private-Residence-Aldergrove-BC-Eco-Floor-Store

Flash Coving
In the kitchen, the Marmoleum was rolled up the wall 8″ high using fillet strips and cove capping to conform the Marmoleum to a bend and protect the edge with a decorative finish. This installation method makes cleaning very easy as dirt and water can’t hide or get stuck under a baseboard.

Flush Mounted Forced Air Vents
On the hardwood, we installed custom flush mounted forced air vent covers that were oiled to match the floors. The result is a seamless floor without bulky and noise traditional air vent covers.


Flush Mounted Access Door
Like many homes, this home has a crawl space. Over the crawl space, we custom made and installed a flush mounted access door with recessed hinges and latch function.

The entire room – beyond the floors – is built with high-quality building materials that contribute to a healthier home. Designed and built with safety in mind, the R-2000-certified home is built the way all buildings should be – safe for its occupants and the planet.