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Go Beyond the Surface: March 2014

Get Friendly with FriendlyWall!

FriendlyWall Design Ideas
New Colours, More Possibilities

FriendlyWall solid wood panels are extremely versatile. We’ve installed them on walls, ceilings, light fixtures and cabinetry. Our most recently installation in Langley is a creative use of this popular wall surface:

Functional FriendlyWall Storage Nook

The storage nook behind the reception desk for the new Avisar Chartered Accountants office is custom designed and built to be both beautiful and functional.

Finium FriendlyWall, Langley BC

FriendlyWall TV Backdrop

Providing continuity throughout the office, the boardroom also features FriendlyWall solid wood panels. Here the surface is used behind the TV.

Finium FriendlyWall, Langley BC

+ For more photos of the Avisar office, click here

New Stains and Colours
Two Unique Collections

New stains are available for some of the favourite stain colours in the Classic and Jazz Collection. Amadeus the darkest FriendlyWall stain is now availalbe with a matte finish instead of a gloss finish.And we recently heard a rumour that new colours will soon be joining the eight originals in the collection! Stay tuned for more info.


The second FriendlyWall collection is named Urban Echo. Featuring a mix of local hardwoods, this collection comes in seven amazing colour combinations.

FriendlyWall, Urban Echo

 FriendlyWall, Urban Echo

+ For more info on FriendlyWall click here or browse our FriendlyWall Facebook album