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Project Profile: Yamato in Kelowna

Fierce competition in the restaurant industry means restaurateurs need to think beyond culinary delights. We’re seeing many enlist the help of interior designers to create an unforgettable atmosphere for their restaurant. A successful restaurant is the perfect balance of atmosphere and food – where both feed off each other to perfectly satisfy hungry patrons.

One such progressive restaurateur is the owner of Yamato in Kelowna. Specializing in Asian fusion cuisine, Yamato has two popular locations, one in West Kelowna and one in Kelowna. When it came time to renovate their Kelowna restaurant, they hired¬†Begrand Fast Design Inc., one of Western Canada’s leading residential and commercial interior design firms, to make sure their updated space was on par with their tasty eats.

The updated restaurant is inviting and fresh. Blue and orange walls brighten the space while large white sphere light fixtures add a little fun. Begrand also specified our Finium FriendlyWall in Maple Jazz Davis for use on the walls behind and between the booths. The use of the eco-friendly wood wall surface is an excellent way to decorate the booths while creating privacy for the guests.

Finium FriendlyWall Panels, Kelowna


For additional photos of the renovated restaurant, visit Begrand’s project photo album.

Images courtesy of Yamato.