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Project Profile: FlyOver Canada

FlyOver Canada LogoIt’s no secret that my family and I are huge (HUGE!!) Disneyland fans. So when The Eco Floor Store put in a bid to be the flooring contractor at Vancouver’s very-own, must-see attraction, I had all of my fingers and toes crossed… for weeks! And when we got the good news from Soaring Attractions that we would be supplying and installing the floors, the thrill was as big as the one I get from my favourite ride at Disneyland.

FlyOver Canada is a $15 million major destination visitor attraction at Canada Place in Vancouver, BC. It’s the first ride of its kind in Canada and it’s absolutely fantastic!


And I’m not just saying that because of the spectacular floors throughout the venue, but because it truly is that great. The smell of fresh cut hay, the mist of ocean waves, the all-Canadian scenery… it’s a definite must-experience!

The opportunity to work on the same team as Rick Rothschild – legendary Creative Director for world-renowned theme parks  – and Studio Sircus – a Vancouver-based creative studio for themed attractions around the globe – was very exciting. We got to see creative geniuses at work!

The design team chose Dinoflex® as the floor of choice for FlyOver Canada. The Eco Floor Store is proud to have supplied and installed over 11,000 sq.ft. of Dinoflex® throughout the venue, including the multiple sets of stairs. Working closely with the design team, it took us over 4 months to install the intricate patterns and details in the floors.

FlyOver Canada - Floor Installation

Made with recycled rubber from used tires, Dinoflex® is a high-quality flooring surface that is perfect for high-traffic spaces. Dinoflex® is also very environmentally friendly: it contains up to 90% recycled content, it is FloorScore certified, and it contributes to LEED points.

Dinoflex® is also great for fun designs – available in many colours that are easily combined, it’s perfect for designers with big visions.  Take a look at these fun shapes and designs at FlyOver Canada:

FlyOver Canada Flooring Contractor

FlyOver Canada Flooring Contractor

FlyOver Canada Flooring Contractor

FlyOver Canada Flooring Contractor

FlyOver Canada Flooring Contractor

FlyOver Canada is now boarding! Check out their website for ticket prices and more info. Enjoy the ride!