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Project Profile: CanTrust Financial Services

As a boutique flooring and surface showroom, The Eco Floor Store has the opportunity to work with many talented interior designers who want unique products for their spaces. Jamie Banfield from jB interior designs is one of those designers – he’s always on the lookout for that perfect surface that adds just the right amount of wow factor to each of his designs.

Our most recent project with Jamie was a cork wall treatment for CanTrust Financial Services in Surrey, BC. We supplied over 90 sq. ft. of our new outer burl cork wall panels and he transformed them into a beautiful feature wall behind the reception desk. Thanks for the photos Jamie!

Outer Burl Cork Wall Panels

Outer Burl Cork Wall Panels

Outer_Burl_Cork_Feature_Wall_jB_Interior_Designs (3)

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Cork is an excellent choice for interior designers looking for an eco-friendly material to use as a wall covering. Not only does cork add lots of character to a space, but it is an excellent sound and thermal insulator, it is antimicrobial and anti-allergenic, it’s fire resistant, and it has low VOC emissions. + Learn more about our cork wall surface options here