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Go Beyond the Surface: March 2013

Sweet Things!

We’ve got lots of sweet things happening at The Eco Floor Store this month. Some sweet like chocolate mouse cakes, others sweet like awards and big discounts. And all of it equality as satisfying! (OK, maybe the cakes are a little sweeter…)

Eco_Floor_Store_Lemonade_BakeryLemonade Gluten Free Bakery

We can’t think of anything that pairs more perfectly than chocolate cake and eco-friendly floors. Turns out the delicious Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery in Vancouver agrees with us.

We supplied and installed Marmoleum floors in the kitchen and VinylCork floors for the eating area. If you live in Vancouver, go treat yourself!

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Dunlin Shore by Balandra HomesCongrats to Balandra!

Balandra Development recently won a coveted Georgie Award® for “Best Single Family Detached Home over 2,000 square feet over $750,000” for the Dunlin Shore. And since we supplied all of the hardwood flooring for this award-winning ultra-green home, we’ll happily share in the glory!

+ Click here for project details and photos


Finium Echo Urban Wall CoveringNew! FriendlyWall Urban Echo

We’re excited to introduce Finium FriendlyWall Urban Echo to our product line up. This sweet wall surface features a mellow combination of local hardwood species including cherry, birch, walnut, white and red oak.

+ Warning: these photos may leave you wanting more!