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A ‘SMART’ Decision

Staying true to our eco roots, we made a new purchase over here at The Eco Floor Store. A very SMART decision if I do say so myself.

We don’t just sell eco-friendly flooring here at the store, we are passionate about the environment and trying to ensure we maintain a small carbon footprint.

On that note, I introduce you to our newest member of the eco family: our company SMART car. It’s the boss’ car (that’s me), and it was a choice that just made sense.

Eco Floor Store SMART Car

The truth of the matter is that I drive around a lot and gas being at a premium (don’t get me started there), the SMART car does everything I need a vehicle to do, while saving me money all at the same time!

It gets me from point A to point B and right now, it’s receiving some new clothing for it’s big adventures…

Keep your eye out on the street for this lean, green, eco machine.

Thanks to our friends at Topwraps in Surrey, who are making quick work out of our small project.