2012 June

Eco Surfaces Unveiled at 2012 PNE Prize Home

We’ve been buzzing with activity in preparation for one of the Province’s most anticipated annual events: the PNE Prize Home at the Fair at the PNE! We’re excited to announced that The Eco Floor Store supplied and installed over 3,000…

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Go Beyond the Surface: June 2012

Your Sneak Peek: The 2012 PNE Prize Home We're excited to finally spill the beans on our top secret project: The Eco Floor Store is a proud building sponsor of the 2012 PNE Prize Home. For the past few months,…

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Supplier Profile: Finium FriendlyWall

In January, we went to Surfaces 2012 in Las Vegas to find unique environmentally friendly flooring and wall surfaces. It was there we fell in love with the equally friendly folks at Finium, a Canadian manufacturer of prefinished hardwood floor…

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