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Straight off the Sheep’s Back: Nature’s Carpet

When looking for a healthy flooring material, many people often automatically disregard carpet. And considering its toxic history, that’s no surprise.

The good news is that there are safe and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional synthetic carpets. One of those great alternatives is a locally owned and operated Nature’s Carpet.

Nature’s Carpet manufactures a wide range of environmentally friendly 100% wool carpets. They have three levels of green: Dark Green, Medium Green and Light Green. Their Dark Green carpets are the most environmentally friendly (see chart below) and are available in nine stylish colours:

Nature's Carpet: Green Spectrum

Here at The Eco Floor Store we love Nature’s Carpet for a number of reasons, including:

– Their carpets are made with very natural 100% New Zealand wool.

– They have a large selection of beautiful styles and colours.

– For people who suffer from allergies, Nature’s Carpet will provide you with a free sample for a 3-day period to determine whether you are sensitive to the materials in the carpet.

– All of their wool carpets are LEED™ compliant, CRI Green Label Plus approved and ISO certified.

– Nature’s Carpet is a local company based out of Vancouver, BC

Learn more about Nature’s Carpet in this short and informative video:

Video: About Nature’s Carpet.