2012 March

Straight off the Sheep’s Back: Nature’s Carpet

When looking for a healthy flooring material, many people often automatically disregard carpet. And considering its toxic history, that’s no surprise. The good news is that there are safe and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional synthetic carpets. One of those great…

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Go Beyond the Surface: March 2012

Project Spotlight Thermal and noise insulation are alluring benefits of cork, but the comfort of cork floors is the big draw for homeowners. We recently installed cork floors in a home in Langley. The homeowner wanted to replace the existing…

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In Montreal? Check out ECOuture!

Ok, so Montreal might be a tad far for most of us in BC... but we just had to share this great event! (You never know, some of you might be in Montreal next week!) ECOuture is a student-run environmentally-friendly…

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