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Welcome to the Eco Family: Trade Roots

We’d like to welcome Trade Roots to our eco family!

Trade Roots is a full service design house in Victoria, BC delivering top notch interior decorating, commercial or residential staging, quality custom furniture building and flooring installations. They are also a retail store filled with unique and authentic treasures. The owners, Christos and Carla, have sought out the most unique home furnishings and offer everything from Asian and European antiques, reclaimed and industrial furniture, bamboo linens and flooring, original art, organic single-origin coffee and everything in between.

If it has a story, then it has a home at Trade Roots.

Their collection of cutting edge design materials and furniture is also centrally focused around environmental sustainability. By its very nature antiques, reclaimed and industrial furniture is inherently eco. You can see these eco-principles in the very fabric of their store, with each product being a market leader in sustainability. Additionally, the utilization of carbon offsetting is used to help compensate for the vast distances that many of these treasures have traveled.

Whatever your design needs, Trade Roots will deliver with exceptional customer service and dedication. Looks for our eco friendly bamboo floors and our flexible natural stone products in their beautiful store!


Trade Roots Victoria BC Trade Roots Victoria BC


Trade Roots
545 Herald Street
Victoria, BC