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EuroCork Cork Floors

Cork floors are noticeably different. As soon as you step foot on them, you instantly feel the difference – cork floors cushion your feet creating a comfortable walking experience.

But it’s for reasons that are not-so-noticeable that we chose EuroCork as one of our brands of cork floors for The Eco Floor Store. After all, it’s often what you don’t see (or feel) that makes the biggest eco difference.

Here are a few reasons why EuroCork is at the top of our eco list:

Renewable Resource

EuroCork cork floors are made with Cork Oak trees from Portugal and Spain. The cork is sustainably harvested to make sure the forest and the trees are not harmed. This helps ensure the bark can successfully regenerate itself for future harvesting. EuroCork is FSC-Certified.

Look for this logo to identify 100% cork products.Made with 100% Real Cork

EuroCork cork floors are made with 100% real cork. There are no synthetic or chemical fillers used that could affect indoor air quality or the natural durability of the cork.

GreenGuard Certified

EuroCork products are GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified®. Since we spend an average of 90% indoors, it’s important we keep indoor air as healthy as possible. EuroCork contains no harmful VOCs.

Lifetime Warranty

EuroCork is backed by a lifetime structural guarantee. In addition, EuroCork floors can also be refinished, helping to reuse and reduce our impact on landfills.

Anti-Microbial Backing

EuroCork cork floors are made with an anti-microbial backing to prevent the growth of mildew and mold. This helps keep your space as healthy as possible.

EuroCork has successfully combined the natural properties of cork with responsible manufacturing. The result is a high-quality flooring that has the best of both worlds: the noticeable and the not-so-noticeable benefits.

To learn more about the benefits of cork, click here. Or swing by our showroom to view EuroCork’s 16 BC-inspired colours like Whistler Granite or English Bay Mud.