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Teragren® Bamboo

Since Teragren’s inception in 1994, they have been on a mission to promote green building by manufacturing highly environmentally friendly bamboo products. Today, Teragren is a global leader in beautiful, durable, renewable bamboo floors.

Just like all of our other flooring solutions at The Eco Floor Store, we picked Teragren bamboo because of their commitment to our environment. Here are a few reasons why we like Teragren (and why you’ll like them too!).


Poor indoor air quality can lead to allergies, asthma and other health problems. That’s why it’s important to pick products  that contribute to a healthy indoor air quality – both for your home and your office.

Did you know that lower quality bamboo floors are made with resins high in formaldehyde? Yes, the floors may be made with bamboo, but let’s face it: if it contains harmful chemicals, bamboo or not, it’s probably not the healthy choice.

Teragren products have been tested for formaldehyde emissions and found to be well below the toughest standards in the world. All of their floors are FloorScore®-certified, which means they’ve been tested for 78 volatile organic compounds. Now that’s the kind of floors we can breath!

Sustainably Harvested

Bamboo floors are only sustainable if they are responsibly harvested at the source. Deforestation, erosion and other damages to the environment can occur if too much bamboo is harvested too often from the same forest.

Teragren controls their production process from harvest to distribution. Their floors are produced from rapidly renewable Optimum 5.5® Moso bamboo and their factories are ISO 9001:2000 and 14001-certified. As a result, Teragren bamboo floors qualify for LEED® credits because of their high quality source materials.

Design Options

In addition to being good for your health and our planet, Teragren bamboo floors are a designer’s dream. They are available in a number of colours, grains and textures – our favourite is the Synergy Java strand solid-strip (as shown here). From deep black stains to handscraped textures, Teragren has a floor to make your space come true!

If you’re on a mission to make your home beautiful and healthy – all while keeping our planet safe – then we highly recommend you check out Teragren bamboo floors. For more information about Teragren visit their website or our showroom in Surrey.