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Camping, Bears and Forests

For the record, I only like one of those three things.

I have a slightly exaggerated fear of bears. No, I don’t have an exciting story to share about being lost in the woods, fighting off a herd- of bears (they come in herds, right?!), and barely making it out with my limbs intact. They’re just big, black and have big teeth.

And since camping puts you in the company of bears, I also don’t like camping. (Do campers think their barely there tent is going to keep them safe from a bear attack? Crazy!)

The forest however is a whole different story. The earth needs the forests to survive. We need the forests to get clean air. And well, the bears and other highly dangerous critters need it too.

That’s why we make sure all of our wood products are FSC Certified. Responsibly managed forests means that we can benefit from beautiful wood floors and other products, while knowing our forests are still safe.

FSC Canada recently created the following video Our Forests, Our Choice. It’s a fun, smart and inspiring video I highly recommend you take the time to watch. After all, making positive choices impacts all of us – including the bears.

Who cares about the Forest? from Franke James on Vimeo.