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Phthalate Free Vinyl Floors

Harbinger™ is a BC-based company that manufactures high-quality and eco-friendly vinyl floors. They’ve recently launched a number of different collections that includes a range of different thicknesses, lengths, colours and textures. Samples for all of the products are available at our showroom.

Harbinger Vinyl Flooring - Surrey, BC

In addition to the beautiful range of classic and modern colours, we love Harbinger’s commitment to manufacturing eco-friendly flooring. None of their products contain harmful phthalates; their floors are made of up 60% recycled post and pre-consumer materials; and 100% of their raw materials are sourced within 200 km of their manufacturing facilities. As a result, all of their products can contribute to LEED® certification.

Harbinger Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for residential and commercial projects. It’s antimicrobial, highly durable and easy to maintain. Whether you’re looking for a safe flooring material for your home or a flooring material for a high-traffic area, we recommend considering Harbinger vinyl floors for your next project.

Harbinger Craftsman Trestlewood Saddle 7.36" x 48.3"

Harbinger Craftsman Trestlewood Saddle 7.36″ x 48.3″